TRANSFORM AND THEME THE VENUE, OR KEEP AIR|SPACE’S INTIMATE CHARM. LET YOUR DREAMS FLOW TO ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE A DAY TO REMEMBER. Air|Space is the perfect venue to customize, whether you want to set up a stunning occasion for a large group, or an intimate occasion for a small gathering.

We used all the 3 spaces…the art gallery, café and the rooftop. We had a lot of friends and family traveling from all over the world to be with us so the venue was very convenient. We loved the whole industrial meets urban feel of the venue…..So in just one main location it felt like we were taking our family and friends on a really special experience. A journey.


Kate Sullivan & Roger De Leon,
at Asia Wedding Network

Other Events at Air|Space

Oozing with industrial character and natural charm, Air|Space’s eclectic mix of hand-picked furniture and artwork contrasts the building’s original rustic features, and makes it the best backdrop for the most memorable event for your guests. If you’re not going to be content with hosting your guests at a hotel or a run-of-the-mill venue space, come and see our amazing venue at Air|Space.